About was founded on the premise of engaging creative agencies to play out their friendly-rivalries on the virtual battlefield, all in the name of building stronger bonds and raising money for charity.

Tournaments are friendly but competitive, and we take care of all the details so you can focus on having a great time.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer, you play casually in your spare time, or you are completely new to the world of gaming, provides a safe, welcoming space to meet other gamers with shared professional interests.

  1. Make sure to join the Discord. Discord is a free text and voice communication software that we use to engage with the community and make key announcements.

    1. All tournament participants are required to join Discord for game-specific announcements.
    2. Even if you’re not playing, you’re still welcome to join the community, chat and find new people to game with.
  2. Companies are allowed to submit multiple teams to the same tournaments, and between Matches players may freely float between teams. There are no limits on the number of teams per company.
  3. If your company doesn’t have enough players to submit a full team roster, let us know! We’ll do our best to pair you with others to create a Joint-Team.
  4. Contractors and Freelancers are also invited to take part in the and can team-up with others to create a Joint-Team.
  5. Good Luck, Have Fun!

  1. Official updates will be communicated via Discord.
  2. Important updates will also be communicated to Team Captain’s via email.
  3. If you have any questions for the team, please post them in the #help-and-feedback channel on Discord or use the details on our Contact page.
  4. Inter-team communications related to Match arrangements should be conducted by Team Captains via Discord.
  5. Remember to tag us into your conversations on Twitter: @AgencyEsportsUK!

  1. Team registration for all games will open on 15th March and all will close on 28th April.

    1. Payments for Team Registration fees must be made in full before close-of-play on 30th April.
    2. Teams with outstanding registration fees after this time will be ineligible to take part in the tournament.
  2. Preseason Matches will be played during week registrations close.

    1. This consists of one practice match which follows the same rules and weekly structure as the regular season.
    2. The pre-season is mandatory so that the and teams can work out logistical kinks before charity prizes are on the line!
  3. The first Matches of the Spring 2021 season will be played during week after registrations close.
  4. The season will be played across a minimum of 5 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks depending on the game and the number of teams registered.
  5. Final dates will be published for each game once we confirm the season format.

  1. Matches will be distributed to Teams each week on Monday.

    1. Please refer to the game rules for each specific game as some games have additional roster submission deadlines.
  2. If required, roster submissions are due each week on Wednesday.
  3. All deadlines are 11:59:59 GMT unless otherwise specified.
  4. Event Days occur once per week. Please refer to the game rules for each specific game to find out the Event Days and Match start times for your game.
  5. If not enough players on your roster are able to make the default Match time, contact the opposing Captain as outlined in our ‘Match rescheduling’ section of the General Rules to see if they’re able to accommodate a reschedule.
  6. Match scores are due within 24 hours of Match completion. Please refer to the game rules for each specific game to find your game’s score reporting timeframe.
  7. Final results for each week’s Matches and rank/placement updates will be published before the next Match distribution.

  1. strives to provide a safe, fun and inclusive environment for everyone inside and outside our tournaments, including our staff.
  2. To help us achieve this, we have some simply guidelines that all members of the community should follow:

    1. Treat all other players, teams, community members and staff with respect.
    2. Keep interactions safe for work. This includes text, voice and video content in-game and on the Discord.
    3. Do not disparage, slander or otherwise negatively discuss other companies, their employees or their services/products.
    4. Be nice, have fun and help other people.
  3. will not tolerate hurtful, offensive, racist, sexist, or otherwise abusive, expressions regarding any person inside or outside of the community.

    1. Any community member displaying these behaviours will be immediately disqualified from participating in current and future events and removed from any community platforms.
  4. If a player is found engaging in fraudulent activity or is caught cheating, they will be immediately disqualified and disciplinary measures will be taken.
  5. Whilst incidents will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, when a player is found breaking the rules the team shall decide the appropriate punishments and these will be delivered consistently and fairly to all players.
  6. Please contact privately either via Discord or using our Contact methods if you have a complaint about other players, teams or community members.

  1. Every Team requires a Captain to manage their team’s experience in
  2. Team Captains are not required to play in games, but they can if they wish.
  3. Being a Captain is a great way to develop your communication and organisation skills, build rapport with your colleagues and demonstrate your management and leadership abilities to your company.
  4. Captain responsibilities take just a few hours per week. Make sure you’re up for the commitment or find out if someone else would like to be your Captain.
  5. If Captains need to sit out for a week or take a step back for the rest of the season they should let know at the earliest opportunity and please help us find a suitable substitute during that time.
  6. A Captain’s primary responsibilities involve creating and registering their Team, and handling weekly Match and reporting duties.
  7. Creating and Registering Teams:

    1. Select a team name, which must include your company name (i.e. Acme Corp. Aces).
    2. If your company will have multiple teams you will also need an additional identifier (i.e. Tyrell Corp Alpha & Tyrell Corp Beta).
    3. We advise you to ask your company to cover your team's registration fee.

      1. We've prepared a sample letter template to management that you may use to help request this.
    4. Agree with your team which charity will receive your prize pool donation if your team places top 3 in their tournament. We advise to check if your company has an existing list of preferred charities.
    5. Arrange for your team registration fee to be paid. Once paid, you will receive additional information as well as next steps for joining the tournament.
  8. Weekly Duties:

    1. Captain’s are responsible for setting up practice games and scrimmages with other teams if desired.
    2. Captains may be required to join staff meetings to discuss upcoming tournaments, Matches, etc.
    3. Captain’s will be required to submit team rosters if required in their game.
    4. Captains are required to check-in via Discord on behalf of their team at least 10 minutes before Matches are due to start.
    5. Captain’s should ensure that all their team’s players show up on time for Matches.
    6. Captains will be the first point of communication to handle disputes between players and to bring disputes to the attention of when necessary.
    7. Captains will submit their team’s scores after each Match and are responsible for taking and submitting screenshot/video evidence of final Match scores.
    8. Captains should ensure all players are still full time employees of their company. Players may not continue playing after termination of employment and teams caught using ineligible players will be disqualified with the potential for further penalties to be applied.

  1. provides various sponsorship opportunities to companies seeking to align and promote their brands to a captive audience of professionals.
  2. Providing sponsorship packages helps us to keep running, enables us to expand our community and range of games, and pursue our plans to introduce an exciting new series of activities and opportunities for the community.
  3. As a company focused around driving charitable giving, sponsorship packages will also assist in growing the charity prize pool for tournaments. A minimum of 10% of all sponsorship packages will be contributed to prize pools.
  4. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, visit our dedicated Sponsorship page or Contact the team directly.

  1. Recognizing the value companies place on their logo and brand, make only very light use of either.
  2. A company's name is used strictly to identify the teams playing for that company, and is never used to imply the views or opinions of a company. We discourage discussion of specific products or services offered by companies except in a neutral, introductory, and informative manner where necessary.