Call of Duty: Warzone Rulebook

These rules are subject to change at the administrator’s discretion. If rules should change, all Entrants will be notified accordingly.

The Handbook General Rules apply to all games, please read them first!

  1. Player Eligibility: All players participating in competitions, including CoD: Warzone, must have access to the game on their registered platform (Xbox, PC or Playstation).
  2. Player Accounts: Only registered entrants playing under their own Activision ID accounts are eligible to take part. In the event another account is going to be used, the player must make the team aware of the change at the earliest opportunity and failure to do so before a scheduled match begins may result in that player being removed from the match.
  3. Rulebook Awareness: tournaments operate under the assumption that each entrant is aware of both the general and game-specific rules and checks them regularly, although significant rule changes will be communicated. A lack of knowledge of the rules will not be used as an excuse for rule-breaking.
  4. Registration: The CoD: Warzone registration fee will be £200 per team. This fee will be due after completing registration, payable prior to the tournament start date. Teams with unpaid registration fees at the tournament start date will be ineligible to compete.
  5. Teams: Teams consist of 3-6 players, all of whom must be named during the pre-tournament registration process. During a match teams select 3 of their players as the active ‘Squad’.
  6. Game Version: All players must have their game up to date with the latest patch for their system before their scheduled match times.
  7. Connections: Players are responsible for their own hardware and internet connections, and avoiding latency-related issues during tournament games.
  8. Behaviour: Players found breaking rules or who are found to be ‘hacking’ or manipulating the game beyond standard parameters will be penalised, with the penalty being decided upon by staff.
  9. Occurrences Outside Official Rules: reserves the right to make statements and decisions about matters that are not specifically provided for in the rules, in order to maintain fair competition and sportsmanship.
  10. Rule Changes: reserves the right to change the tournament rules at any time, for example, in response to changes in software updates or game releases.
  11. Definitions:
    1. Match: Tournament play between Teams which consists of 3 rounds per Match.
    2. Round: A single game within a Match, using the Battle Royale or Plunder game modes.
    3. Event Day: During Season 1, event days will be Wednesday’s at 18:00.

  1. Season Format: This tournament will consist of a single five-week long League stage.
    1. Preseason: A single Preseason Match may be played before the main tournament begins to ensure smooth running of the event.
    2. League Stage: The League stage will consist of 5 Matches with one Match played each week. Teams will be ranked each week based on their total points aggregated throughout the tournament. The winning 3 teams will be those with the 3 highest total points scores at the close of the 5th Match.
    3. Placement Points: Points will be awarded to teams at the end of a Round based on their placement:
      1. 1st: 10 points
      2. 2nd - 5th: 7 points
      3. 6th - 10th: 5 points
      4. 11th - 12th: 3 points
    4. Additional Points: During Rounds 1 and 3 (Battle Royale) 1 additional point will be awarded to teams for each enemy killed. In Round 2 (Plunder) 1 additional point will be awarded to teams for every full $100k of cash they secure.
  2. Weekly Structure: Matches will be played once per week on Wednesday's beginning at 18:00. A Match consists of 3 Rounds. Round 1 will use the Battle Royale gamemode, Round 2 will use the Plunder gamemode, and Round 3 will use the Mini Royale gamemode. Results of each Round are due to be reported by Team Captains to within 1 hour of completing the overall Match using the #match-reporting channel.
  3. Structure Changes: The organiser reserves the right to add or remove players throughout the tournament and when required change the tournament format accordingly. Under these unlikely circumstances, all players will receive ample communication of the changes from
  4. Challenges: An array of Challenges may be applied to games each week to add variation to the season. Challenges provide an opportunity for teams to receive additional points for achieving specific objectives during gameplay. Any Challenges will be posted in the #match-information channel on the Monday in advance of each Match.

  1. Match Day Protocol:
    1. All players should have the game client open and be ready to join at the Match start time.
    2. Team Captains will be required to check-in via the Discord in the #match-information Discord channel at least 10 minutes in advance of their Match to confirm that their Team are ready to play. Captains who do not check in at the latest 10 minutes before play is due to begin risk forfeiting the first Round of the match, receiving points equivalent to placing last.
    3. Teams will be permitted to enter a Round with 2 players if for any reason their designated 3rd is unable to play within 15 minutes of the scheduled Match start time.
    4. Teams with only a single available player will not be permitted to play the Round and will receive points equivalent to placing last.
    5. An Game Lead will invite all Team Captains to the lobby as they check-in. Captains will then be responsible for inviting their teammates into the match.
    6. At the conclusion of each Round players will be given the opportunity to take a 10-minute break and communicate if they need to pause the game for any reason.
    7. Team Captains must be equipped to communicate with the Game Lead outside of the game client prior to and during the Match, preferably through the Discord tournament lobby or private messaging.
  2. Game Settings:
    1. Battle Royale: The host will create a Private Match lobby for Battle Royale Trios.
    2. Plunder: The host will create a Private Match lobby for Plunder Trios.
  3. Gameplay:
    1. All Matches will be played via a Private Lobby.
    2. Players are permitted to use any loadouts and cosmetics.
    3. TPlayers may substitute team members between Matches, but not between Rounds of a Match.
    4. Collusion with other teams, including but not limited to disclosing other players locations who you may be spectating, shall be deemed as a serious offence and will be penalised.
  4. Score Reporting:
    1. All Team Captains are required to take a photo/screenshot of the final score. This photo should contain their game score and each player’s in-game IDs.
    2. Team Captains must report game results within 1 hour of the end of the Match via the #match-reporting Discord channel.
    3. Team Captains who fail to submit their game score will receive a warning.
    4. If a Team Captain deliberately submits an incorrect score, reserves the rights to immediately disqualify that Team from the tournament.
    5. Should an representative be unavailable in the event of a dispute being raised, the investigation and decision will be postponed until a representative is available.

  1. When players cannot connect to a Round lobby within 15 minutes of the Rounds start time, their team shall be required to play on without them unless the Round is paused by mutual agreement of all Team Captains. Any non-connected player will be counted as an additional Death for the team.
  2. If a team is unable to connect at least 2 players to the Round lobby within 15 minutes of the Rounds start time, the Team Captain must forfeit that Round in writing via the #reschedule-and-forfeit Discord Channel
  3. Should Activision game servers go down during a match and all the participants of the tournament are kicked from their games, the Round in progress will be played again.
  4. When the connection is lost mid-Round due to technical issues from a players equipment, the Round continues and their Team shall continue to play on without them and the disconnect will be counted as an additional Death for the Team.
  5. Should a player refuse or be unable to reconnect and complete the Round following connection loss, their Team shall continue to play on without them and the disconnect will be counted as an additional Death for the Team.
  6. Should an individual disconnect on purpose mid-Round they will receive a warning. Their Team shall continue to play on without them and the disconnect will be counted as an additional Death for the Team.
  7. Should a player disconnect on purpose mid-Round on more than one occasion, reserves the rights to immediately disqualify that player from the tournament.
  8. If for any reason a Round cannot be fulfilled the score of the Rounds that have been played will decide the Match score if the Round cannot be rescheduled.

  1. All communication should primarily be directed through the Discord in the appropriate game channels.
  2. If you have any questions and/or problems about the Call of Duty: Warzone Rulebook, you can contact the team via:
    1. Email:
    2. Twitter: @AgencyEsportsUK
    3. Discord: Private message an team member
  3. Business, money, and sponsorship enquiries should be directed to