League of Legends Rulebook

These rules are subject to change at the administrator’s discretion. If rules should change, all Entrants will be notified accordingly.

The Afterwork.gg Handbook General Rules apply to all games, please read them first!

  1. Player Eligibility: All players participating in Afterwork.gg competitions, including League of Legends, must have access to a game account in good standing on EU West (EUW) servers.
  2. Player Accounts: Only registered entrants playing under their registered account will be eligible to play. In the event another account is going to be used, the player must make the Afterwork.gg team aware of the change at the earliest opportunity and failure to do so before a scheduled match begins may result in that player being removed from the match.
  3. Rulebook Awareness: Afterwork.gg tournaments operate under the assumption that each entrant is aware of both the general and game-specific rules and checks them regularly, although significant rule changes will be communicated. A lack of knowledge of the rules will not be used as an excuse for rule-breaking.
  4. Registration: The League of Legends registration fee will be £250 per team. This fee will be due after completing registration, payable prior to the tournament start date. Teams with unpaid registration fees at the tournament start date will be ineligible to compete.
  5. Teams: Teams may play the season with 5-10 participants, at least 5 of whom must be named during the pre-tournament registration process. During a match teams select 5 of their players as the active roster. Companies with multiple teams playing may have players float across teams.
  6. Game Version: All players must have their game up to date with the latest patch before their scheduled match times.
  7. Connections: Players are responsible for their own internet connections and avoiding latency-related issues during tournament games.
  8. Behaviour: Players found breaking Afterwork.gg rules or who are found to be ‘hacking’ or manipulating the game beyond standard parameters will be penalised, with the penalty being decided upon by Afterwork.gg staff.
  9. Occurrences Outside Official Rules: Afterwork.gg reserves the right to make statements and decisions about matters that are not specifically provided for in the rules, in order to maintain fair competition and sportsmanship.
  10. Rule Changes: Afterwork.gg reserves the right to change the tournament rules at any time, for example, in response to changes in software updates or game releases.
  11. Definitions:
    1. Best-of-X (BOX): A Match that has X number of Games, and the Team that wins a majority of the Games is declared the winner. Once a Team wins the number of Games needed to reach the requisite majority, then that Team will be declared the winner of the Match, and any Games that have not been played at that point will not be played. For example, in a Best-of-Five Match, once a Team wins 3 Games, that Team will immediately be declared the winner of that Match.
    2. Match: Tournament play between Teams which consist of at least 1 Game.
    3. Game: A single 5 v 5 game within a Match.

  1. Season Format: The exact season format will be announced before the season begins when we know the exact number of players. This section will be updated along with an announcement email to all players detailing the final format. There will be a minimum of two stages: a non-elimination round-robin group stage, followed by a single-elimination knockout stage. Game winners will be as shown on the post-game summary screen.
    1. Group Stage: During the round-robin group stage Matches will be a best-of-one (BO1) against each other player in their group.
    2. Knockout Stage: Matches will be a best-of-three (BO3) for elimination rounds with teams alternating sides after each game.
    3. Finals: Match will be a best-of-five (BO5) for the grand final with teams alternating sides after each game.
  2. Weekly Structure: The schedule will be communicated to players via the Afterwork.gg Discord in advance of the event day. Matches will be played once per week on Saturdays with the first Game of each Match beginning at 12:00.
  3. Structure Changes: The exact number of Matches and tournament format will be dictated by the number of teams entering and will be communicated to all teams in advance. The organiser reserves the right to add or remove players throughout the tournament and when required change the tournament format accordingly. Under these unlikely circumstances, all players will receive ample communication of the changes from Afterwork.gg.

  1. Match Day Protocol:
    1. All players should have the game client open and be ready to join at the Match start time.
    2. Team Captains will be required to check-in via the Afterwork.gg Discord in the appropriate tournament lobby at least 10 minutes in advance of their Match to confirm that their Team are ready to play. Captains who do not check in at the latest 5 minutes before play is due to begin risk forfeiting the Game.
    3. Both Team Captains are responsible for contacting one another and arranging play.
    4. The Captain of the ‘Home’ team will be responsible for creating and starting each Game in their Match according to the game settings specified in Section 2 below.
    5. The first Game of each Match should begin at the specified time.
    6. If a Game is unable to begin at this point due to player non-attendance, that player's team will have 10-minutes to assign a substitute player or receive an automatic loss.
    7. At the conclusion of each Game players will be given the opportunity to take a 3-minute break and communicate if they need to pause the game for any reason.
    8. Team Captains should be equipped to communicate outside of the game client prior to and during the Match, preferably through the Discord tournament lobby or private messaging.
  2. Game Settings:
    1. Competition Method: 5 vs 5 Summoner’s Rift, Tournament Draft via Custom Game on the EUW Server.
    2. Spectator Slots: All games should be configured to allow spectators to allow the Afterwork.gg team to participate in the game and address possible issues.
  3. Gameplay:
    1. Home/Away Team: During the group stage, home and away teams will be assigned randomly. The team on the left side of the bracket is the Home team and corresponds to Blue Side. The team on the right side of the bracket is the Away team and corresponds to Red Side. During the knockout stage, sides will switch after each Game and the choice of sides on the first Game will go to the Team with the highest number of Wins, followed by total kills, then total gold during the group stage.
    2. Bans/Picks: Snake draft format enforced by the Tournament Draft mode. All selections must be made through the in-game client. Draft mode proceeds in a snake draft format as follows:
      1. Blue Team= A; Red Team = B
      2. Bans: ABABAB, Picks: ABBAAB, Bans: BABA, Picks: BAAB
    3. Restrictions: There are currently no item or hero restrictions.
    4. Substitute Players: Players are allowed to switch following the completion of a Game. In other words, in a best-of-three series, Player 1 could play in game one, get switched for Player 2 for game two, and then come back to play game 3.
  4. Score Reporting:
    1. Both Team Captains are required to take a photo/screenshot of the final score. This photo should contain their game score and each player’s in-game IDs.
    2. Team Captains must report game results within 10 minutes of the end of the Game.
    3. Team Captains who fail to submit their score will receive a warning.
    4. If a Team Captain deliberately submits an incorrect score, Afterwork.gg reserves the rights to immediately disqualify that Team from the tournament.
    5. Team Captains should be prepared to submit their game Replays in the event of a dispute.
    6. Should an Afterwork.gg representative be unavailable in the event of a dispute being raised, the investigation and decision will be postponed until a representative is available.

  1. Stoppage of Play - Restarts:
    1. A player experiencing technical issues on either team may call for a restart of the game prior to Game of Record being established:
    2. A game of record (“GOR”) refers to a game where all ten players have loaded and which has progressed to a point of meaningful interaction between opposing teams.Prior to this point, if a serious issue has occurred, players should pause the game and contact Afterwork.gg to assess the situation. Once a game attains GOR status, the game will be considered as “official” from that point onward. After the establishment of GOR, game restarts will be allowed only with Afterwork.gg approval.
    3. Examples of conditions which establish GOR:
      1. Any attack or ability is landed on minions, jungle creeps, structures, or enemy Champions.
      2. Line-of-sight is established between players on opposing teams.
      3. Setting foot, establishing vision or targeting skillshot ability in an opponent's jungle by either team, which includes either leaving the river or entering brush connected to enemy jungle.
      4. Game timer reaches two minutes (00:02:00)
    4. The player requesting the restart must be experiencing one of the following: a hardware malfunction (e.g. any equipment malfunction), physical disruption (e.g. breaking furniture), or game configuration problems (e.g. issues with runes, masteries, and/or summoner spells).
    5. They must then declare in all-chat for a restart. The game should be paused and Afterwork.gg should be contacted immediately.
    6. In the event of a game server crash, Afterwork.gg will determine next steps.
  2. Stoppage of Play - Pauses:
    1. A team may pause to allow time for a teammate to reconnect after an unintentional disconnect.
    2. Pauses should be limited to problems that can be solved in 1 minute.
    3. They must then declare in all-chat the reason for the pause, or the request for a restart. In the event of a restart, the game should be paused and Afterwork.gg should be contacted immediately.
    4. Total pause time should not exceed 10 minutes total elapsed time. This can be extended with mutual agreement from both Captains.
  3. Should an individual disconnect on purpose mid-Game they will receive a warning. Their Team shall continue to play on without them and the disconnect will be counted as an additional Kill for the opposing Team.
  4. Should a player disconnect on purpose mid-Game on more than one occasion, Afterwork.gg reserves the rights to immediately disqualify that player from the tournament.

  1. All communication should primarily be directed through the Afterwork.gg Discord in the appropriate game channels.
  2. If you have any questions and/or problems about the League of Legends Rulebook, you can contact the Afterwork.gg team via:
    1. Email: agencyesportsleague@gmail.com
    2. Twitter: @AgencyEsportsUK
    3. Discord: Private message an Afterwork.gg team member
  3. Business, money, and sponsorship enquiries should be directed to agencyesportsleague@gmail.com